Training & CPD

Learning and development is not just for kids! Stramash practitioners too are life long learners and invest time developing their own skills and knowledge. As a commitment to your children and our people, we value practitioner training and development.

Experts In Our Field

We have gained significant experience and made some good friends over our years in the industry, building a strong reputation for delivering high quality outdoors experiences and childcare. As such we are able to host and deliver some fantastic training opportunities for our practitioners.

“Awesome, can I join in?”

Yes! We wanted to share our resources and knowledge further and have developed a training calendar open to all practitioners.

For our current training dates Click here for the Stramash Training Calendar

“We want to do what you do! We’d love your advice!”

We have also developed a consultancy arm to our operations, offering planning, advice and support in the creation of outdoor education and nursery settings.

For more info on all the things training and development as well as our consultancy package submit a request via the form below