Puddle Patter Videos

Episode 1 with Pauline Scott – Attachment, holistic shared child centred practice, the nursery and early years industry and culture

Episode 2 with Roberta – Outdoor nursery from a parents perspective

Episode 3 with Chris from Fossoplay – Resilience, being part of the outdoor nursery movement, what changes they notice in the children and what they’ve learned about their environments and themselves along the way

Episode 4

This week Cameron chats to the ever impassioned Sue Palmer from Upstart Scotland https://www.upstart.scot/ Recorded during the week where we heard that testing would continue as planned, for children returning to school after the latest pandemic lockdown, this was always going to be a lively conversation! Strap in folks, it’s a great episode.

Episode 5 – Alastair Davidson, currently a lecturer with UHI in Childhood Practice and Forest Kindergarten and previously a Stramash Team Leader – managing 2 of our outdoor nurseries in North East Scotland.

As friends and co-workers for many years Cameron & Alastair chat (at times a little too comfortably haha) about place based learning – a particular area of interest to them both with interesting insight to The Scots Gaelic language. Cameron & Alastair also discuss the similarities in their journey to working outdoors with early years and the magic, opportunity and challenges they’ve encountered in the process.

Episode 6 – Cameron chats to self confessed rebel rouser Teacher Tom! Discussing Tom’s entry into the world of early years via his daughters co-operative school ‘She graduated and i just never did!’, when we underestimate children, the absurdity of ‘school readiness, community, when literacy meets learning by smashing stuff up, reflective practice – this is a jam packed episode of gems.

Inspiring and full of heart we are so grateful that Tom was so generous with his time and signature energy and wisdom. Tom’s latest e-course can be found here if this episode inspires you to train with Tom https://courses.teachertomsworld.com/courses/the-technology-of-speaking-with-children-so-they-can-think

Episode 7 – In this episode Cameron chats to Peter Gray, developmental psychologist, author of the book Free to learn and speaker on the brilliant Ted talk ‘The decline of play’

As a research professor of evolutionary psychology & neuroscience Peter share’s his wisdom on: Why play is a critical evolutionary human behaviour. Why do children play. What happens when they don’t play.

You can read more of Peter’s thoughts, research and findings over on his blog here

Episode 8 – Tassy Thompson – inspirational award winning play space designer! PHD Landscape and sustainability researcher Tassy originally from Fort William and now living in Norway chats to Cameron about her background as an artist and creative practitioner, play and the landscape of learning in this weeks episode.

Episode 9 – This week on Puddle Patter we are privileged to be chatting to David Sobel: Play based nature educator & author. This episode is perhaps one to listen to rather than watch as we unfortunately struggled with rural internet on both ends so the video quality isn’t as great as we’d like, however the content more than makes up for it!

Make a brew and listen on as Cameron chats with one of the key thought leaders of the outdoor, nature play movement.

Episode 10 – Rusty Keeler – Play, childhood, early years design space specialist

Join us for this week’s Puddle Patter where Cameron & Rusty discuss how adventure play spaces encourage freeplay & child directed play, supporting them to develop resiliency, creativity and collaboration.

Rusty was such a wonderful guest, chatting about his journey of creating play spaces for kids; evolving from playground equipment via nature space play design, to now creating blended nature & adventure play spaces. Digging into how his social justice values drive him in his work to make more spaces for play within our societies and environments.

Episode 11 – Something a little different this week on Puddle Patter. A round table discussion with our dear friends from the Erasmus project that Stramash was fortunate enough to be involved with for the last 2.5 years.

Martin Besford (Highway Farm England)
Dovile Urbanaviciene (Misko Darzelis Lithuania)
Unnar Henrys (Stekkjaras – Leikskoli Iceland)
Kate Hunter & Cameron Sprague (Stramash Scotland)

The friends reflect on the project, their experiences and what they learned and gained from being a part of it.