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A comprehensive gear guide for keeping your wee ones safe  and comfortable in any weather.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either, Supermarkets including Aldi & Lidl often stock fantastic waterproof clothing & outdoor gear for kids; we’ve found these to be durable, good quality and affordable.

Base layers can be basic and layered up and can often be found in bulk buys/bundles cheaply on online selling sites, local facebook buy/sell pages or in second hand clothes shops.

Also remember that waterproofs don’t need to be washed regularly – in fact it reduces their effectiveness & shortens their lifespan!

We find a quick hose or sponge down if they’re really muddy or just hang to dry till the following session works best. Think of these as your children’s play clothes (they get in them to get dirty!) and free yourself from the expectation that you need to do more washing – you don’t!

One of our parents top tips is to have an Ikea bag or bin liners in the boot of your car – when collecting your child, stand them in the boot inside the bag, take off all their muddy outer gear, then transfer the (now clean enough to be in the car) child to their car seat!

A downloadable pdf version is available below

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