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Market Research Results

Firstly a massive thank you to all those who answered our online survey. We had a total of 104 responses from across Scotland. This is a small sample in research terms but still provides interesting insight. We are trying to build up a picture of what childcare in Scotland looks like right now, a snapshot if you will before 1140 kicks in; how families are … Read More Market Research Results


Read all about it!

“Having both children and staff from outside the UK not only builds our capacity to do more, it also enriches the experience for all our children and young people.”


ACE’s – Show your hand

How Stramash has integrated ACE awareness to act as a ‘childhood equaliser’ to further mitigate the effects of ACE’s in our young people and their families.


Gender roles in our nursery settings

Girls playing with dumper trucks or cars, getting muddy, climbing trees – Yes!

Boys caring for a baby – Absolutely!

Girls being super hero’s – You bet!

Boys being nurses to their cuddly toys – totally great!


Smokin’ ACE’s

It is widely accepted that a challenging or unstable childhood environment with parents who are perhaps in poverty, drug or alcohol dependent or suffering with mental health conditions will have a psychological impact on a child, but a physical one? Living in a domestic abuse household would certainly affect your mind and sense of wellbeing, but could it also give you cancer?


Build It & They Will Come

On a day to day basis in our settings, this means utilising any and all materials that might have reached the end of their original life, and repurposing them to add value to our space, learning & development opportunities for our children.


Now say you’re sorry!

Continuing with our ‘Setting the Standards’ blog series today we look at how we manage the ‘fall out’ of conflict in our nursery settings. 2: I am fully involved in all decisions about my care and support. 2:8 Compassion: I am supported to communicate in a way that’s right for me, at my own pace, by people who are sensitive to me and my … Read More Now say you’re sorry!


That’s MY stick!

Today we focus on another of the Health and Social Care Standards, in relation to the day to day ethos of life at Stramash Outdoor Nursery. I have Confidence in the organisation providing my care and support Wellbeing: 4.25 I am confident that people are encouraged to be innovative in the way they support and care for me.   “The most dangerous phrase in … Read More That’s MY stick!


Setting the Standards

“The Standards are underpinned by five principles: dignity and respect, compassion, be included, responsive care, and support and wellbeing” The new Health & Social Care standards are designed to complement, not replace the ‘old standards’ which were previously called National Care Standards and laid out what someone could expect when accessing care, health and social services; to add further depth and detail. These ethos … Read More Setting the Standards


Taking off with Helicopter Stories!

Our very first blog on our brand new website, what an exciting time! Today’s blog is an introduction to the kind of thing you can expect to see here; a bit of a ‘behind the scenes look at what goes on, and most importantly why we do things the way we do. As you’ve found our website, you probably know that we are a … Read More Taking off with Helicopter Stories!