Stramash has the experience and the flexibility to deliver the programme you require for your pupils.  Our outdoor learning programmes provide a safe, fun and challenging environment and use experiential learning to support the personal and social development of each and every participant.

The right programme for your students (and budget!)

Over recent years we have been able to run fully funded outdoor learning programmes for many schools in the Oban and more recently Fort William areas, with great thanks to The Butler Outdoor Education Fund.

These programmes delivered by our experienced Practitioners commonly feature both land and water based days, which include canoeing, map reading & navigation, environmental education and bushcraft with links to Curriculum for Excellence.

Nurture Programmes

These programmes are run over a longer period of time (up to a year) and are individually designed around your students and the local area. This powerful place based learning can also include working towards a formal accreditation such as The John Muir Award.

Regular sessions over a number of weeks or months have shown to have the most significant results and we work in partnership with schools and parents throughout; from the bespoke design of your programme, to accurately measuring the impact with your pupils.

Raising Attainment for All & PEF

Scottish Government’s ‘Raising Attainment for All’ aspires to make Scotland the best place to learn, with each child enjoying an education that encourages them to be the best they can be and providing them with a full passport to future opportunity.

The Pupil Equity Fund is one way they are supporting this vision for all children across Scotland, regardless of their background or circumstances.

We are keen to work together with schools to create programmes for young people to help them achieve this aim. The outdoors provides wonderful opportunities to support learning and development in a holistic and individual way.

Evidence & Research:

“Developing that ‘Give it a Go’ attitude”

The Nature and Impact of Out of Classroom Learning Experiences
– Dr Simon Beames – Gordonstoun School 2018

A fascinating and heartening read from a study completed at a school local to our Elgin site.

For more information please get in touch via the contact form below.

Benefits of learning outside the school environment.

You will be aware that teaching and learning cannot be restricted to the classroom. You want your pupils to reach their full potential, and you know that experience gained in a challenging outdoor environment stretches far beyond the academic. We build our courses around the key points laid out by the Curriculum for Excellence so pupils will gain experience in the following areas.

To become Successful Learners:

Outdoor learning develops new skills and attitudes towards learning in ways that can add value to everyday experiences in the classroom.

Confident individuals:

Outdoor learning allows pupils to develop positive attitudes and beliefs about themselves. By setting individual goals and objectives, pupils can understand their own limits and helps to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Responsible citizens:

Outdoor learning will develop a positive attitude towards the environment and our responsibility for maintaining it. This will encourage social development and further community involvement.

Effective contributors:

Outdoor learning impacts positively on young people’s interpersonal and social skills, including communication skills, group and team work.

Stramash has no operational boundary, so please contact us on 01631 566080 to discuss your school’s requirements or complete the contact form below and we’ll get in touch!

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