The Board

Robbie Drummond – Chair Managing Director for CalMac Ferries Limited and Executive Board Director for the David MacBrayne Group, a customer focused and multiple award winning ferries and port operations business with revenues in excess of £200m. Appointed to the Group Board by Scottish Ministers. Robbie has a keen interest in supporting business, particularly community… Continue reading The Board

CEO & Support

Maggie Tierney – CEO Karina – Administrator Jess Greenhill – Marketing & Communications Officer    

Elgin Nursery Team

Alastair Davidson: Team Leader Rachael Armstrong: Senior Outdoor Practitioner Amber Telford: Senior Outdoor Practitioner Sasha Cameron: Outdoor Practitioner Jess Greenhill: Outdoor Practitioner Kayleigh Rutherford: Apprentice Practitioner Joanne Moore: Outdoor Practitioner – currently on maternity leave    

Oban Nursery Team

Kate Hunter: Team Leader Heather MacPherson: Senior Practitioner Katy Bednarski: FT Practitioner Vicki Last: PT Practitioner Briony McLaughlin: PT Practitioner/Support Worker Laura MacCormick: PT Practitioner/Support Worker Aimee Johnston: Apprentice Practitioner  

Fort William Nursery Team

Cameron Sprague – Team Leader Ami Doherty – Temporary Lead Practitioner 2 yr Olds Lyndsay Boyd – Temporary Lead Practitioner 3-5 yr Olds Jenny Farthing – Early Years Outdoor Practitioner Hannah Sayles – Outdoor Modern Apprentice Mairi Duncan – Outdoor Modern Apprentice Emma Sinclair – Bank Staff Practitioner Rich Mitchell – Bank Staff Practitioner

Schools & Training Team

Russell Daniels – Senior Practitioner Adam Mackintosh – Associate Practitioner Rob Brown – Associate Practitioner Rich Mitchell – Associate Practitioner Matt Haydock – Associate Practitioner Craig McDonald –  Associate Practitioner Jamie MacManaway –  Associate Practitioner Briony McLaughlin –  Associate Practitioner Iona Laing – Associate Practitioner

Tornagrain Nursery Team

Alastair Davidson – Team Leader Tessa Winters – Senior Practitioner Maisey Rhodes – Apprentice Practitioner