Apprenticeship Programme

Stramash has been registered as a Training Provider of SVQs (Scottish Vocational Qualifications) since March 2013. We have had apprentices who have qualified in Early education & childcare SVQs, outdoor education & outdoor recreation.

Since registering as a Training Provider, 12 candidates have successfully completed their apprenticeship with us, with a further two currently working through their qualification.

This year we will be offering yet more apprenticeship opportunities in Argyll & Bute and Highlands areas.

What makes a Stramash Apprenticeship unique?

You join our team. We share in your learning journey and help you gain not only a qualification but the skills and confidence to grow your career and enjoy every day (yes, even Mondays!)

Our heritage in the outdoor education field forms the cornerstone of our values and ethos. Whilst we are now also in the business of Care, alongside learning and development via our outdoor nursery settings, this makes us an ‘Outdoor Nursery’ and not a ‘nursery outdoors’.

You will be an integral part of a progressive team, passionate about delivering high quality childcare and learning experiences to all children, based on the latest research and child development theory. Working with people from varied backgrounds and skills; you will learn child development milestones and fire lighting skills, play types and hammock knots, schemas and shelter building!

We commit to you because we believe passionately in what we do. We want to share that with you and give you the tools to succeed.

Amy Story

Work? Way more than that, it changed my life… from Stramash Outdoors on Vimeo.

To register your interest in our apprenticeship programme, please complete a contact form below